26 September 2022

Insulating your home yourself with plastic front windows

As a result of the energy crisis and the need to reduce gas consumption, we notice that the demand for secondary windows is increasing. It is very easy to make a secondary window of plastic yourself to insulate your house extra. Lakwijk supplies crystal-clear plastic sheet material sawn to size with optional hole pattern as desired.

A secondary window is an easy and budget-friendly way to properly insulate windows with single glazing. This is an easy way to save on your energy consumption. It is an extra window that you simply place on top of an existing window. In addition to insulation, a secondary window gives the window extra protection and is soundproof. With clear secondary windows you can choose from two types of plastics:

  • Acrylic, for example from the brand Plexiglas
  • Polycarbonate, for example from the Arla . brand

Acrylic is the most obvious choice. If there is also a need to protect against vandalism or burglary, polycarbonate is a better choice. In addition, polycarbonate is self-extinguishing.

The coefficient of thermal conductivity indicates how well a material insulates. The lower this value, the better the material insulates, so the higher the insulation value. Acrylic has a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.19 W/(km) and polycarbonate 0.20 W/(km). This is significantly lower than the conductivity of single glass (float glass), which has a value of 0.80 W/(km). Plastic secondary windows are therefore an easy way to save on your energy consumption!

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