for Machine Construction

Various custom plastic products, according to drawings for machine construction.

Plastic is frequently used to manufacture machine parts. If the material is required to; is wear-resistant, chemically resistant, temperature-resistant, suitable for foodstuffs, impact-resistant, flexible or, for example, lightweight, plastic is in many cases a better alternative and often also a more sustainable alternative than traditional materials.

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Total supplier

Lakwijk can meet the entire need for plastic products for mechanical engineering. In this way, Lakwijk forms intensive collaborations. Parts do not have to be purchased in fragments because the entire plastic issue is handled by one specialist. The total package from one reliable partner; technical advice, material selection advice, semi-finished products, wear-resistant moving parts, guides but also constructions, transparent hoods, windows and, for example, walking grilles. Unburdening is the motto.


Suitable for foodstuffs; Food grade

Strict requirements are imposed on parts of machines for the food industry. If materials come into contact with food products, public health must of course not be endangered in any way. Legislation and regulations have recently been changed again. Lakwijk follows these developments closely and supplies the correct materials with the official European food approval according to Regulation EU 10/2011; This concerns the so-called “Foodgrade” materials. The required documents (COC and DOC), which make the material traceable throughout the entire chain and which certify that the material meets all requirements and that the material has been processed correctly, are included. Lakwijk ensures that the customer uses the correct, suitable and traceable material.


Technical advice

Being able to supply everything in the field of plastic is one thing. A custom piece of plastic delivery is two. One operation according to drawing is three. Always delivering on time is four. However, Lakwijk also wants to distinguish itself in the field of technical support. Being involved in the challenges at the start of a machine development process often yields a lot. Lakwijk likes to think along and its knowledge of plastics is used as added value. Customers can contact the technical office with questions and can also count on unsolicited advice. In addition, Lakwijk also has people on the job who can provide the right technical advice on the spot, during the challenge itself.

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