Transparent plastics

Several plastics are available in a transparent version. PVC and Polystyrene are available in transparent versions, but the most common plastics that are used in transparent versions are Polycarbonate (including PC Makroclear , PC Makrolife and PC 1000 ), Acrylic and PETG. These materials are often the alternative to glass. Transparent plastics are impact-resistant or even unbreakable, lightweight, easy to bend hot or cold, flexible and, in the case of PVC, have good chemical resistance.

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Applications of transparent plastics: safety glazing, strip curtains in industry, protective covers, gauge glasses, sight glasses, LED lighting and transparent partition walls . Please note that transparent does not always mean that a material is 100% transparent or crystal clear.

Transparent plastics are also often used in colored or mirrored versions for “beautiful” applications. Plastics are available in all kinds of colours, opal shades, LED quality, in high-gloss, semi-gloss or matt, in transparent colours, in bronze, gold or silver mirror and in very special designs. These materials are used as a basis for texts (lettering), displays, interior parts, mirrors, boat windows, furniture, letters, art objects and countless more applications.

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