Food Grade Certified Plastics

Lakwijk supplies plastic products for the food industry that comply with the strict renewed European legislation and regulations. This concerns so-called “Food Grade” certified plastics.

Food Grade Certified Plastics

For the food industry, we only work with these Food Grade certified plastics, provided with a Food Grade quality mark and certificate. Processed products according to drawings that we manufacture for machines in the food sector are manufactured and delivered according to the GMP principle.

Our processing techniques, processing tools and administrative processes are designed according to the Good Manufacturing Practices principle (GMP).

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Applications Food Grade

The term 'Food Grade' refers to the materials that may be used in equipment and machines with which foodstuffs are manufactured or processed. To be defined as Food Grade, materials must be non-toxic and safe for consumption. Of course, surfaces that food come into contact with must be safe. No migration of chemicals should occur with short or prolonged contact.

However, products that do not come into direct contact but are used next to or above foodstuffs and where, in the event of damage, particles can end up in foodstuffs, must also be safe for public health. When an organization manufactures equipment or builds machines for the food industry, it is the responsibility of that organization to use safe and approved materials.

In addition to using tested and found material, products must also be traceable to origin in the hypothetical case that something goes wrong. That is why a product can only receive the designation “Food Grade” if the material is accompanied by its own unique accompanying administrative documents.

Lakwijk Kunststoffen BV is completely at home in Food Grade material and can provide you with optimal support.

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