Bending, gluing

and welding

Bending, bonding and welding are techniques that can be used when processing plastics.

Bending of plastics:

Plastic bending is a technique that uses heat to soften a plastic part so that it can be bent into a desired shape. This technique is especially suitable for thermoplastics, which soften when heated and harden again when cooled. Bending plastics offers the opportunity to create complex shapes and curves. It is often used in the production of parts for various industries, such as mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, electronics and furniture industries.

Bonding plastics:

Bonding plastics is a process in which two or more plastic parts are attached to each other using a suitable adhesive. Bonding offers the possibility of connecting plastics without using mechanical fasteners, such as screws. It can be used for both thermoplastics and thermosets. Bonding is widely used in the manufacture of products such as electronic devices, machine covers, interior construction parts and aquariums.

Welding of plastics:

Plastic welding is a technique in which two plastic parts are bonded together using heat and/or pressure. There are various methods of plastic welding, such as ultrasonic welding, heat welding and extrusion welding. These techniques are especially suitable for thermoplastics. Plastic welding is widely used in the production of tanks, pipes, plastic constructions and battery boxes.

Choosing the right machining technique depends on various factors, such as the type of plastic, the desired strength of the connection, the complexity of the shape and the production requirements. It is important to understand the specific properties and requirements of the plastic material and the final product before making a decision on which machining technique is most suitable.

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