Industrial plastics

The applications of plastic in industry are countless.

Plastics are used in industrial applications because of their intrinsic qualities. The technical properties: wear resistance, chemical resistance, weight, temperature resistance, impact resistance, flexibility and, for example, sliding properties, determine the choice of plastic and which type of plastic. Traditional materials such as wood, metal, aluminum and glass are still being replaced by plastics.


By making combinations of materials, new plastic products are developed that combine the specific properties of materials. Filled with glass, filled with wax, filled with oil, filled with MOS2 but also crossings of plastics such as POM with PTFE or PA with PE. Think of it as crossing races; By combining the good properties of the materials, you arrive at products that come into their own in a specific application.

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The best way to explain what industrial plastics mean for machine building, shipbuilding and many other industries is to give examples of applications. For example, from industrial plastics are manufactured: guides for chains and belts, profiles, bumpers, bearing bushes, gears, running wheels, friction belts, mounting blocks, star wheels, thermal bridges, cable pulleys, cutting plates, molds, collar bushes, housings, etc.

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Food industry

The food industry has a special place at Lakwijk. Due to the suitability of many plastics to come into contact with foodstuffs in the context of public health, plastic is extremely suitable for machine construction in foodstuffs.
Specific “Food Grade” certified plastics must be used for this. As a supplier and processor of these materials, Lakwijk has to meet a whole series of requirements in the areas of administration, storage, processing, packaging and marking. We have laid down this in the GMP manual, where GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practice”. Lakwijk meets the requirements in all areas and ensures that customers meet the requirements for the traceability of plastics through the correct documents and declarations.


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