Maritime plastics

for shipbuilding

Many disciplines come together in shipbuilding. Steel construction, construction, mechanical engineering, interior construction and so on. Every discipline has its own need for plastic products. Plastics with specific properties offer solutions for shipbuilding that traditional materials do not offer.

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Properties of plastics ideal for shipbuilding

It is important for a ship that plastic parts are wear-resistant. This especially applies to rubbing purlins or other impact and rubbing applications. On work vessels where sand and gravel must be transported, for example, the need for wear-resistant material also arises. When building a ship, weight can also be saved by using plastic, which is also important for this industry for various reasons. The UV resistance of materials used outdoors is of course also very important. Last but not least, the application in combination with salt water plays an important role. There are countless examples that underline why the use of custom plastics for shipbuilding is important.

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Diversity of products on a ship

Lakwijk supplies a wide variety of products to the shipbuilding industry. There are extensive custom-made wear-resistant and, for example, chemical-resistant machine parts. But plastic glazing and products for interior construction on board are also disciplines in which Lakwijk can supply and tailor everything. Other examples are walking grates (engine room), rubbing purlins and battery boxes.


Technical advice

Because so many disciplines come together in shipbuilding, the issues surrounding the use of materials are also numerous. Lakwijk is happy to provide technical advice and advice on material selection as added value. Being involved in the challenges at the start of a ship development process often yields a lot. Lakwijk likes to be a partner who is asked to contribute ideas.

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