Recycled plastics

Plastics have an image problem, for example due to the plastic soup in our oceans. However, plastic is in many cases a more environmentally friendly choice than the alternative and developments in recycling and making products biodegradable are moving fast.


Most plastics are easy to recycle. At Lakwijk we separate the sawn residues and production residues and these go back into the production process of manufacturers.
Lakwijk also has recycled plastics in its range. Many materials that are in stock as standard semi-finished products have already been produced from recycled raw materials. If material is properly separated, a high-quality semi-finished product can often be produced.

In addition to recycling, there is also a lot of research into the development of plastics that are made from organic material. Those plastics are then biodegradable. We follow developments closely and as soon as these materials are technically high enough for the applications of our customers, we will include these materials in our range.

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Lakwijk also works together with Govaerts Recycling and carries this company's range as part of our range. Take a look at WWW.GOVAERTSRECYCLING.BE to see what is possible in this area.

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