Advanced Engineering Plastics

In addition to the traditional industrial plastics (General Engineering Plastics, abbreviated: GEP) such as HMPE, PA, POM and PETP, there are also more advanced materials. These are the Advanced Engineering Plastics, abbreviated: AEP.

Examples of Advanced Engineering Plastics are shown in the overview.

Specific applications

These materials are often developed for a specific application, but that in turn offers countless other opportunities in other application areas. These materials are often a bit more expensive, but they clearly pay for themselves as an investment because of their specific properties.
The specific properties of such materials can be; excellent friction and wear behavior, very high dimensional stability, good resistance to high-energy radiation such as gamma rays and X-rays, good electrical insulating and dielectric properties.
This results, for example, in a much longer life, a longer life of the counterpart or a higher quality of the end product. Another example is that due to extremely good sliding properties with no “stick-slip” behavior, the customer can suffice with lighter motors for drive. That is a very specific and sustainable advantage.

Productgroep Aep


Examples of Advanced Engineering Plastics are PTFE, PEEK, PEI, PSU, PES, PI, PPS, PPE.

Some examples

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