12 October 2017

Lakwijk expands with a new building

All kinds of communication can be formed in plastic. This can vary from flat sheet material for (advertising) messages to signage, milled letters and logos, art objects.

Lakwijk Kunststoffen BV has expanded by adding the building next to the existing building. Neighbor Stagelight has moved and their building at number eight has moved to the building of Lakwijk at number six.

A corridor has been built and an optimal use of the extra space is currently being realized step by step. After all, production and delivery reliability must not suffer from internal changes, of course.

Due to the steady growth of the company, it was foreseeable that at some point in the coming years, the existing building would become too small. Despite the major renovation and expansion in 2008, this could already be a challenge in the relatively short term. The opportunity to add the neighbor's premises was therefore an opportunity not to be let pass.

With this step, Lakwijk can continue development in the coming years and we have the opportunity to keep up with and lead the way in market and technology developments.

For the time being, putting the new building into use will only have the consequences of expanding warehouse space and optimizing the machinery. Visiting our building for collection, loading, unloading or drinking coffee, still goes and “feels” familiar. We will keep you informed.

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