12 October 2017

Lakwijk meets Food Grade requirements

Materials that come into contact with foodstuffs must meet strict requirements. That legislation was amended and tightened in 2015. It must be demonstrated, by means of extensive tests, that the use of a particular plastic is not harmful to public health. A statement must be included that the material is food grade, including a number that makes the material unique and fully traceable. In the event of calamities, the material in the chain must be fully traceable to the raw material in the production process.

As a processor, we must also meet requirements in the production process and we must also provide a statement for this. Our materials more than meet the set requirements, the production process more than meets the requirements and our administrative processing is fully geared to the Foodgrade requirements. In this way we once again proved to be the right partner for existing customers in the food industry and we also turned out to be the solution for other great companies in this industry.

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