By Petra Gorter-Schellekens

Thinking along and providing technical advice

Lakwijk does not supply a standard end product. We are a wholesaler of semi-finished products (sheet, rod, tube) and deliver custom work. We process semi-finished products according to the drawing according to the customer's wishes. Single pieces, small or large series, it does not matter.

We are often already involved in the process during the development phase. We can then provide advice at an early stage based on our knowledge of plastics and practical experience. In the phase in which you still have choices in color, dimensions and mounting techniques, that advice can already be cost-effective. It also keeps the options as wide as possible.

Various matters play a role in the material advice. Naturally, the requirements set by the end product are central to this. What is required of chemical resistance, wear and impact resistance, weight, smoothness, UV resistance and color? Which plastic fits best in the picture? Once the suitable plastics are identified, we look at the availability and processing options, for example, but also at the price and the available standard sizes. You naturally look for the most economically interesting solution within the set requirements. Not only the price per square or linear meter counts, dimensions and efficient use of materials are also important. You also have to compare the price with the lifespan of the plastic product and even the lifespan of any counterpart and the replacement costs.

Naturally, the requirements of the final application and the interests of the customer are central. So if the better choice is metal, wood or glass after all, then that's the advice. However, given the developments in the possibilities of plastic, that advice is increasingly rare. Lakwijk knows what plastic can do and knows what practical experience teaches. Thinking along and providing technical advice, both solicited and unsolicited, form a fundamental and valuable part of our total process and product.

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