By Richard Alberts

Accurate planning is fundamental to our process

In the series of blogs about the processes at Lakwijk, this time the steps between technical advice and making a product; quotation, planning of delivery time and order placement.

At Lakwijk, we make a quotation carefully and quickly. In many cases, our customer also has to make a calculation with our quotation. Good information and a quick response is therefore important for a smooth process. The basis for a quotation is a choice of materials with dimensions, or a drawing of a product that we will manufacture to measure. The structure of a quotation depends on the batch size but also on the wishes of the customer. Delivery time is in many cases an important part of a quotation. It is important that Lakwijk can handle relatively short delivery times. Optimal delivery reliability, if possible even more so.

Our method of accurate planning plays a major role in this. To monitor available capacity, we take space in the delivery time if orders offer that space. If it is necessary for a customer, however, we must be able to use shorter delivery times. In addition, we must retain capacity to be able to act immediately if a customer has an acute problem. Good planning is based on a good calculation of customization, good stock management of material, a flexible culture in production, the application of analyzing data and looking ahead by means of forecasts.

Calling back quotations can be a form of service and is very educational. However, it should not be perceived as a burden by a customer. We therefore selectively call quotations afterwards. If a quotation is comprehensive and we want to check that there are no more ambiguities, or if we got the impression that the delivery time for a possible order is under pressure for the customer, we may call quotations. Preferably, calling afterwards also has value for the customer.

When the customer places an order, the order confirmation by e-mail follows immediately. Normally this is a confirmation of what has been determined at the quotation stage. If, for whatever reason, something deviates, for example on the basis of a customer's wish, this is first discussed and coordinated.

Lakwijk wants to be a smooth and reliable link in the process of calculating, quotation and placing orders from the customer.

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