PC Makrolife


Makrolife is a transparent polycarbonate sheet with double-sided UV protection. The product has a UV protection layer that prevents aging and yellowing due to UV radiation. The material is therefore ideally suited for outdoor applications as a replacement for glass.

The product has an extremely high impact resistance, is virtually unbreakable and also offers good temperature performance.

  • double sided UV protection
  • More than 10 times the impact strength of high impact PMMA
  • Easy to thermoform and fabricate
  • Half the weight of glass


Makrolife is used in barrel vaults, skylights, wide span in architectural glazing, bus shelters, poster protection, skylights, greenhouses, covered walkways and sports arenas. Makrolife has set the industry standard in applications for vending machines, lamps, nurseries, stairs, noise protection walls, etc.

Makrolife and Makroclear offer designers, consultants and architects the opportunity to use transparent polycarbonate sheets in applications where high clarity and optical performance are required. The consistently high quality requirements from the market help to improve processing, screen printability and thermoformability.

Both qualities have excellent fire performance. In the event of a fire, the plate will melt and allow ventilation, releasing heat and smoke and reducing fire growth due to flame spread.

Delivery program

Standard dimensions: 3050x2050mm
Thicknesses: 2-20mm
Color: crystal clear

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