Solutions in plastics for sign & creation

Lakwijk offers you high-quality plastic products according to your specific wishes.

All kinds of communicative expressions can be formed in plastic. This can vary from flat sheet material for (advertising) messages to signage, milled letters and logos, displays, but also, for example, awards and special art objects.

Advertising, signage, display and art

Plastic sheet material has been used as a carrier for advertisements for many years. Lakwijk can supply all typical attractive advertising plastics such as acrylic (Plexiglas), solid core, polystyrene, foamed PVC, Dibond or other materials. We stand out when it comes to custom-made material or when there is a need for added value in the form of custom-made machining. Think of a hole pattern, bending, polishing, gluing or milling contours. The creativity of the customer, coupled with our functional creativity, knowledge of plastics and technical possibilities, opens up a world of possibilities.

Many plastics are easy to work with and, if desired, available in all kinds of colors, so that certain shapes or objects can easily be realized. Art objects are made of plastic, whether or not in combination with other materials. Sculpting in crystal clear plexiglass is also an example of this. Hoods, covers or cloches are also made to place over 3D art objects.

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