Plastics for Construction & Interior Construction

Functionality, constructional properties, transparent glazing or strikingly attractive applications.

Sustainability is important for construction. Cost savings too. The use of plastic can contribute to both needs. Plastic has a very long lifespan, plastic is UV-resistant, plastic is lightweight and plastic is in many cases economically interesting because of price, durability or the time-saving use of the material. Interior construction is often about attractive applications. The use of plastic often goes hand in hand with the use of traditional materials to achieve an optimal functional and attractive result.

Plastics in construction

Where traditional materials such as stone, steel, glass and wood fall short, plastic often offers a solution. It is lightweight, does not absorb moisture, cannot rot, is impact-resistant or even unbreakable, UV-resistant and easy to work with. Custom-made plastic is used, for example, as glazing, glazing, cold bridges, facade cladding, spacers, guides for sliding or roller doors, etc., etc. The great thing is that there are also applications that you can think of, possibly in consultation with us.

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Plastics in interior construction

Interior construction is a broad concept. A private interior is different from a shop interior. The interior of public buildings is somewhat different. And you also have company canteens, correctional facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric institutions, shipbuilding and offices, for example. The use of plastic can be chosen because of functionality, appearance, cost savings or, for example, safety. Plastic (acrylic / Plexiglas) is often used in light applications. LED strips where a certain diffusion must be achieved or transparent colors. That a (public) interior is safe and “vandal-proof” can also be achieved by the use of unbreakable and non-combustible plastics such as polycarbonate in safety glass, transparent caps or shielding. Consider, for example, counter parts, wall protection, candy cabinets, signage, table tops, etc. etc. And here also applies; we still see new applications every day and you too can come up with countless creative, beautiful applications or solutions.

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