12 October 2017

Richard Alberts on TIVAR HPV

In addition to more traditional plastics, which still offer a better solution in many situations than wood, glass or metal, new products are regularly introduced on the market as semi-finished products. Lakwijk keeps an eye on developments, is your technical advisor and brings these new materials to the market. Richard Alberts is a technical advisor and account manager at Lakwijk Kunststoffen BV and is happy to inform you about such product development.

Richard: “TIVAR HPV is a“ High Performance ”polyethylene. This plastic offers an even higher wear resistance than TIVAR 1000, with a virtually zero “stick-slip” level. The choice for this material is increasingly made by our customers for whom great control over movement, wear resistance and accuracy are important. ” This material from manufacturer (and partner of Lakwijk) Quadrant, creates opportunities for our customers to reduce costs and reduce rejects or downtime. Richard: "With TIVAR HPV, Quadrant offers us the opportunity to help more (potential) customers improve their processes."

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